Please follow the rules when using the server.

Welcome to the Official Game Theorists Discord! This is a community-run Server, as MatPat does not have Discord, but yes, this is the Discord Server MatPat endorsed and has linked to in his Videos.
diff + RULES
Rule 1: Be Nice, Be Respectful
This should go without saying, but be respectful. Discussion and debate are allowed (in the appropriate channels) but civility, respect and consideration are always required!
Hatred and Bigotry
No sexism, no racism, no bigotry, no homophobia, no transphobia, no ableism, no slurs, no glorifying or advocating violence, no harassments, or bullying, participating only constructively in comment threads, accepting criticism and allowing diversity of opinions. In summary, you should be nice and respectful to others while asking questions or sending messages.
Comfort Roles, DM's and Pings
In this server, we have Comfort Roles. this is a role listed in a user's role list where they can specify whether they want to be pinged or Direct Messaged/DM'd. Do not Direct Message or Ping any server member, including staff, without asking them or if their server roles specify otherwise. In the case of needing help from server staff or Mods, you can ask for assistance in <#516027780908056578>.

Rule 2: Acceptable Content

No Roleplaying
Roleplay, also known as RP, is not permitted anywhere in the server. Small actions such as -hugs- and -cries- are tolerated, but if it progresses into a wide-scale RP chat, you will be asked to stop.
No Spamming
Unreasonably direct messaging or pinging members or being disruptive in any chat is not allowed. Additionally, please never ping the GT Cast. If you need help or have a question related to the server, you can ask in <#516027780908056578>. In general, any unnecessary pings anywhere should be avoided.
No Shitposting
'Shitposting' describes any messages that disrupt a conversation or channel with humorous intent. We have a channel dedicated to this, <#353766146115371009>, so shitposts are not allowed elsewhere. Additionally, spam is prohibited in that channel as well. Copypastas and Insensitive/Otherwise rule-breaking shitposting are not permitted anywhere. The same goes for posting an unreasonable amount of emotes/only using emotes instead of text, etc.
No NSFW PG13+ Content
As a rule of thumb, the general content in this server should be around PG-13. Sharing any messages or content that would be unsuited for younger members is not allowed. This includes pictures, links, videos, slurs, excessive swearing, abusing emoji/reactions, and gore. There is a banned word list pinned in <#516027780908056578>. This may result in an immediate Ban. This rule also includes NSFW (or otherwise rule-breaking) Profile Pictures, Custom Statuses, and Usernames.
Be Sincere
Questions and messages should be sincere attempts to obtain reusable information - not just to spam or gain advantage out of the server. Do not attempt to mislead. Content should be clearly written - they should not mislead or confuse people.

Rule 3: Sensitive topics
There is a Serious Topics category where you can discuss serious topics or vent. However, make sure to spoiler potentially triggering content and add a content warning. Please note that while discussion of sensitive topics is allowed, glorification or encouragement of unhealthy, dangerous, and/or harmful behavior is strictly forbidden and warrants a ban. Insensitivity towards serious topics, especially when it’s about another person, is not tolerated and includes everything from Rule 1.

Rule 4: No self-promotion without consent of a moderator
DMing people about your content without them specifically asking you to, counts as self-promo. This includes asking people to join Discord Servers and sharing your own videos. Linking to your profile from anywhere is not allowed. Do not share content that you are in any way involved with or related to. Includes crowdsourcing pages like gofundme. Calls to action such as “check out my channel”, “leave a like”, etc are also self-promo. Only links to trusted/popular websites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc. are allowed. Additionally, make sure to check the channel pins to see what is allowed and what is not. If you believe to have an important link that would fall under the self-promo rules, you can ask in <#516027780908056578> to DM a mod and ask for approval to post it.

Rule 5. No penalty evasion
Using multiple accounts or leaving and rejoining the server to attempt to get around penalties is not allowed under any circumstances. You are allowed to use multiple accounts on the server, but using them to avoid punishments (or double potential rewards) is not allowed.

Rule 6: Remember Discord Terms of Service
We are required to enforce Discord’s Terms of Service. The most common for our server members are: No Raiding. Brigading/Raiding other subreddits or other Discord servers is breaking TOS. Any users caught brigading will be banned and reported. Minimum Age 13. According to Discord ToS, you must be 13 to have an account. If you are under 13, we must ban you.

Rule 7: Keep channels on topic
There are a lot of channels with specific topics, so if you want to discuss a certain topic please move to the appropriate channel. If you are unsure what a channel is for you can click on it and read the channel topic at the top (on PC) or on the sidebar (on mobile). If you are still unsure you can ask in <#516027780908056578>. Failure to follow when a Staff member asks you to move to a channel will result in a warn/mute.

Rule 8: No impersonation
Pretending to be another person without their consent is forbidden. This includes Game Theory members like MatPat, other celebrities, discord employees, and staff members of this server.
diff + Punishments & Penalties
Each channel has a set of pins with additional rules that apply to discussion and content. Strikes are a way to track behavior that violates those channel specific rules. Channel Moderation will issue strikes through the V.E.G.A.S. bot. If you receive 3 strikes, you will be given a role that restricts your posting permissions for the specified channel(s). If it is your first time recieving the role, you can appeal the role in 2 weeks by following a form in #server-forms.

In the event you violate the rules in the server, a member of the moderation team will get involved to handle the situation. Generally we try to handle issues with verbal warns, that is simply telling someone what they are doing violates the rules. If the issue is disruptive or continues a member of the moderation team will issue a warn via the V.E.G.A.S. bot. Warns are a long term way to track rule violations. This amounts to limiting the user(s) and one member of the Moderation team to a channel called #the-lamp to discuss the ongoing issues. This can happen because an issue is particularly bad/disruptive or just because the moderation team wants to ensure that the issue is clear without large groups of other people commenting on and making noise.

Moderation Talk
If an issue is disruptive enough or continues for long enough moderation team may elect to have a Moderation or “Lamp” talk with other server members. If an issue is sufficiently disruptive, was not conveyed well to the member, or needs further clarification, a member of the Moderation Team may elect to have a Moderation Talk with the members involved in an issue. The Moderation Team member will place all involved members in a private channel on the GTD server. One member of the Moderation Team will be present to explain the situation and issue a warn to log that the talk happened.

If an issue is sufficiently disruptive or continues for enough time the moderation team can ban any member of the server. This server is entirely volunteer run, no one pays us. All we want is to keep the majority of the community happy. Blatant rule breaking or purposefully wasting our time will result in instant bans.

How to Help
If someone is breaking a rule, please ping a person with <@&497129180572418048>, <@&491782047573082143>, or <@&427801168920444938> depending on the severity. If a user is breaking a specific channel's rules, you should ping one of the corresponding Staff to hand out a strike. Once a Mod or Approved is present and handling the situation, the best way to help is to quietly allow the situation to be handled. It can be tempting to comment on ongoing situations, but that just adds more noise and disruption to the situation. All moderation applies to your entire user profile and activity on the server. This includes not only your messages but your voice communication, profile picture, account name, nickname, status, and DMs with other server members as well.

How to Report an Issue
The best way to report any issue is to use the Ticket System found in <#923856791215964160>. Pressing the button there will create a new channel. In that channel, you will be able to talk directly to a Mod to ask questions or address concerns.

Help & Directions
Almost all channels have channel-specific rules and help/directions pinned. Please make sure you have read through all the rules. If you still need help you can ask in <#516027780908056578>, or by creating a ticket in <#900178707963068446> for direct help from a Mod.

Additional Information
This Server holds regular and irregular Events, has a leveled Role System attached to perms and privileges, and is held together by Staff, which includes Approved Roles. For more information on all of this, please read <#735635802960429087>. <#735635802960429087> contains a lot of helpful and interesting information that you'll definitely want to know about to make your time in the server as enjoyable as you can.

Server Invite
You can invite people to this server with our public server invite link: https://discord.gg/ChzCYwXzw8. While we are always happy to have new members, rules for brigading still apply. If multiple new members join that are hostile, aggressive, or do not follow rules, you could be punished for brigading.